13 Types of Tourism

There are so many focused types of tourism or travel.  Actually, these ways to travel have existed for years, but they never were given specific names.  When you traveled long ago, you were a budget traveler, a normal tourist bustling around Europe, or in the Peace Corps, etc.   These are just a few ways the terminology has changed.  

Today there are more organized trips specific to the interests of travelers.   Here are 13 kinds of tourism that can motivate people to see the world!

Digital Nomads

Thanks to technology, and a little before that, being a digital nomad allows you to work remotely from wherever in the world you want.  With that freedom, you can travel freely.  

There are now (in 2023) over 50 countries that offer visas for digital nomads.  Although each country is different with its requirements and the duration of time allowed, you can stay for a year or two on this visa. 

The idea is that while you are in a country working remotely, you are actually receiving a paycheck from a company (or your own) from another country.  So you are technically not an employee in the country where you are residing in.

This visa is very popular now, and many people are taking advantage of it.  It functions well for remote workers, homeschooling families, expats, and travelers.

Check with the Embassy or Consulate of the country to which you want to travel to for information about the requirements.

Culinary (Food) Tourism

Foodies, this is for you!  What cuisine gets provokes your cravings?  

When you travel for food, it doesn’t mean you are going to the best restaurants in a certain country.  Actually, you could, but you also will embrace the food markets and street food.  You will eat like the locals while getting to know the culture.

Most countries take pride in their cuisine and want to share their delicious traditions.  You can take cooking classes and meet chefs who can help you make these mouth-watering creations in your own kitchen when you arrive home.

Art Tourism

Are you a fanatic about museums?  Are you the kind that goes to a museum and can spend hours getting lost in the art of the world?  If so, then art tourism is for you!

Traveling for a country's arts and cultural events doesn’t always mean you will be in a city.  If you are, though, you can discover the rich history and culture through the arts by checking out the city’s historic center and all the museums that surround it.

There are also many artisan markets where you can find jewelry, bags, ceramics, and clothing, all made by hand and unique to that place.   You will definitely find treasures to take home with you!

Cruise Travel

If you like the idea of having everything you need at your convenience, and you don’t have to put much effort into planning activities, then cruise travel is a great option!  There are many kinds of cruises and many prices for cruising.

Since the boat will be an amazing and, many times, a relaxing experience for you, picking the destinations to which the cruise will travel can be the fun part, especially if you plan to get off the boat.

There are other cruises that travel to places you might not get to as easily, such as Iceland or Alaska. Educational cruises while more expensive can give you the experience of a lifetime.


One of the oldest types of travel, which has evolved somewhat too, is backpacking.  Backpacking can be done at any age and will always be one of the most amazing ways to travel the world.  Although it might not be for all, it is a great option to consider.

Carrying with you what fits into your backpack allows you to travel lighter and be a little more flexible.  Many people backpack for the lower cost of travel compared to other types of tourism.

People who backpack usually have the time to explore a little bit more and the flexibility to change their plans or schedules.  You meet people along the way to travel with, and you hear of great places to go by word of mouth.  

You have to be really street smart as you can be vulnerable, so safety is the utmost priority.  You also have to make wise decisions always.  With that being said, the places you can go as a backpacker are limitless.

Language Immersion

Apps are the newest resource to learn a language, but the good old-fashioned way is to travel to a country and immerse yourself in the language.

Hearing a foreign language all around you, day in and day out, can increase your speed and proficiency in learning a language.  It becomes survival.  If you don’t know how to ask for water, you may not get water.  This nudge pushes you to study and become an active learner.

While traveling, you also pick up expressions of a language that you won’t get from a book.  To learn another language means you want to be able to communicate with people, enjoy what makes them laugh, and catch on to what they are really trying to say.  

Not only is learning a language so rewarding for you, but it also opens your world beyond what you could have imagined.

Slow Travel

Going to a city, a town, or an island and only staying in one place for the whole time and really getting to know it is called slow travel.  This could include staying at an Airbnb for a month, so you have to get to know the area.  

With slow travel, you take the time to just be in a certain place.  You can have more time for yourself, get a deeper knowledge of the area, and become familiar with the place.  You don’t feel just like a tourist as you know the grocery store to shop in, your favorite cafe, and the dives people love.

I have more on Slow Travel here.


Glamping is just that:  glamorous camping.  Luxury tents and upscale accommodations are included so that you enjoy the outdoors and feel like royalty.

There are many places for glamping popping up all over the world.  Exotic locations with exquisite accommodations.  Just thinking about it takes you off to a dream world.  

This is especially for those who would love to get to know nature a little better but don’t want to rough it.  So, in this case, you will have a stunning and impressionable experience with nature without worrying about water seeping into your tent.  Highly recommendable if that is what will get you to take a trip!

Wellness Travel

Is a healthy mind, body, and spirit something you strive for?  Do you love Yoga or Pilates and want to dedicate your trip to that?  Or how about a silent retreat in an exotic setting?  

In our daily routine, we try to make things structured so we can keep it all together.  We manage our schedules and try to keep our heads above water.

When you travel, it is freeing in this sense.  You don’t really know what to expect, as you are so out of your element, and adding that to focusing on Wellness Travel makes for a purely creative and often life-changing enhancement.

So book that spa for your next trip and give yourself the quality time you need and deserve!

Adventure Travel

When you have the adventure bug in your system, sometimes it can take you to amazing locations doing somewhat indescribable experiences.  

Do you like to ski?  What about heli-skiing?  Or sandboarding on the dunes on the North Island of New Zealand?  

These moments are just yours, and there is a lack of words to express your feelings when doing something that makes you excited, nervous, happy, scared, and undefeatable, all at the same time.

Some people travel for an adventure, or for some, and the adventure just happens along the way.  Maybe you didn’t plan on parasailing in the Caribbean before you left for your trip.  But it just kind of happened.

There is always caution to practice, though, as some developing countries that offer adventurous activities do not enforce some safety standards.  Accidents can happen but usually don’t if you are going through a company that has its standards up to par.  Do your research.  Anyone can tie a rope to a bridge and call it bungee jumping, so looking at reviews and checking into the company is a must.

Music Tourism

If you have a favorite singer that you want to see again and again, this is a great way to help you travel to different places.  Music festivals can be amazing if that is your jam.

Seeing a Traditional Music Symphony in a foreign country could be something on your bucket list and for good reason.  Or you may just stumble upon a drum and percussion concert on the beach one evening.  

However music incorporates into your trip, or if it is the primary reason for traveling, you will be surrounded by people with that you have something in common from all over the world.  Music is the universal language.

Homestays and Cultural Exchange

When you live with a family from the country you visit, you get an insight you may not otherwise have.  Many families are so welcoming in opening their homes and planning special events that enable you to see the best of the best.  They will guide the area and give you the ins and outs of what life is like there.

The bond that can be formed by homestays is lifelong.  There are many programs starting even when you are a teenager, which can change your perspective even at a young age.  Usually, the families are vetted so you know who they are and can have contact before going.  

Taking that risk at a younger age is a great way to be exposed to other cultures when it doesn’t seem like a risk at all.

But at any age, cultural exchanges are a possibility and one definitely worth checking out!


Volunteering anywhere is a very rewarding experience.  When you volunteer abroad, you are also diving into the culture in a very special way.  

Long ago, if you wanted to volunteer, you thought of becoming part of the Peace Corps.  While that is still an option, there are also many volunteer programs and opportunities.  From working with children to wildlife to building houses.

As for the location, there are many developing countries that need volunteers.  These programs can be for any length of time and anytime during the year.  Many friendships can be developed this way, and you definitely will be spending time with like-minded people!

Travel according to your interests

These are just a few kinds of tourism, and there are many more.  It all depends on your focus or interest, and then make a trip out of it.  You can be as creative as you like, plan as much of it as you want, or don’t, and then just explore!

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