Is It Possible to Stay Fit and Healthy when Traveling?

Staying fit while traveling is key to being able to get the most out of your trip.  The last thing you want to have to do is spend a few days in bed while you are supposed to be out and about!

Probably what is most important is your Pre-Trip Health

Are you fit?  Are you active?  Do you eat healthily?  Do you exercise regularly?

Once you answer these questions honestly, you can better assess your situation when you travel.  You will find that you can take advantage of your trip even more if you have some sort of exercise routine or healthy eating.

This does not mean going on a crazy diet so you look great in a bathing suit.  It means knowing you will be active so you feel you can keep up.

Also, being comfortable in your own skin is a wonderful goal to work towards.   As a foreigner, you may be in a country where you are taller or larger than most there.  That is why if you feel good about yourself, no matter what shape you are in, it can help you focus on all your trip experiences!

Options for keeping fit

There are many options for keeping fit while you are on the road or traveling abroad.  What can be beneficial is if you try to keep to somewhat of your routine, whether that be exercise or eating healthy.

Don’t worry too much, as your activity level could increase while traveling, such as walking places, exploring a city, hiking, and swimming, all mixed in with relaxing!  So although you may not be able to do your 5-mile runs, you will be getting exercise in.


Safety While Exercising

Flexibility is a necessity when thinking of exercise, though.  You may be used to going for a jog every day or long walks in the evening.  This might not be a safe thing to do where you travel to.  Don’t venture out on a long walk or run alone, especially in an area where there aren’t many people.  

If you head out on a hike or a bike ride, try to go with someone.  Let someone know where you are heading too.  Until you have lived in that country, you may not know all the possible situations that have happened or could happen.

When going for a swim, again, try to go where there are people.   This will ensure that if you ever need any help, someone will be there.  

If you are traveling for a longer period of time, there are groups you can join for biking, hiking, etc.  Otherwise, tours can be an option. 

Online Workouts

There are so many options for online workouts, and you just need a small space to do them in.   Try the routines ahead of time so you are used to them, and it will be easy to adapt immediately.

Pack resistance bands or a jump rope. You can buy a yoga mat or even pack a portable, foldable one.


Also, you may encounter parks where others are exercising as well.  

Take the leads from the locals.  Ask around too.  There are always Facebook groups or social media posts for different areas, so it will be easy enough to get great information. 

Local Gyms

If you are at a hotel, a workout room may be included.  If not, and you really want to maintain your gym routine, there are local gyms you can go to for a day, week, month, etc.  Check the reviews online.

Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water.  That could be bottled or boiled water, as you also need to ensure the tap water is okay to drink.  Either way, drink lots of it!


Depending on where you are traveling to, the sun could be shining, or better yet, more intense than you are used to.  The sun on the equator is much stronger than in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.  That is not to say you can’t get a sunburn in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere but understand the intensity.

Sunblock for wherever you are is needed, and although you may want that tan, you can still get it in moderation.  If you travel closer to the equator and/or at a higher altitude, make sure to take care of your precious skin!


If you come from sea level or have been out of altitude for a while, you may have to take the time to adapt.  Altitude sickness can make you feel light-headed and tired, giving you a headache, which are just a few symptoms.  

If you are going to hike a volcano or helicopter ski, give yourself time to acclimate to the altitude.  Try to build up to higher altitudes little by little.

Sometimes you need to take it slow for two weeks.  Drink lots of water and eat lightly.  Check with your doctor for any recommendations.


Adapting to a new diet due to being in a new culture can take some time, even if you are someone who can eat anything.  There always could be changes in your digestion for the different foods that you eat.

When trying new foods, take it slow, and don’t eat a lot of it.  It is great to try new things, of course, and be careful while doing so.

If you are at an outdoor market, take care when eating these foods and watch to see how it is prepared and whether it is okay to eat.  Some food preparation standards may not be the same ones you are used to in your own country.  Don’t be afraid to say, “No, thank you.”

If you have dietary restrictions, check ahead of time and do your research.  Bring some healthy snacks with you.  Find the best restaurants to eat at, and scope out the town when you arrive.  

Again, you have to be flexible.  You may not be able to follow your diet exactly as not all healthy foods are accessible everywhere.

When you buy fruits and vegetables, wash them thoroughly as you would at home.  Be careful of drinking juices as the water may be tap water and not the best for drinking.  The consequence of this is parasites or other bacteria, etc., which give you diarrhea and cramps or worse.  

It is good to be aware of these points so you can choose wisely.


Try to rest when you can, as you may be adapting to a time difference.

Getting enough sleep is always important, no matter where you are.  Bring any essentials that can help you with this, such as a portable white noise machine, earplugs, or eye mask.  Travel pillows are good for long plane or train rides.

Keep Good Hygiene

Especially with a pandemic, we all learned the value of washing our hands frequently.  Simple things like this can go a long way.

you got this!

Keeping fit and healthy while traveling is maintaining your routine and healthy practices.  Be mindful of being active and eating healthy.  In the end, it is your trip, and being able to enjoy it without any health-related problems will make it even more memorable!

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