Where to Travel to

How to decide where to travel to.  Well, there is always closing your eyes and pointing to a map!  Unfortunately (or fortunately), those days are over.  Thanks to the internet, there is so much accessible information that everything you need to know is at your fingertips!

What are you interested in?  Do you like extreme contrast to where you live, or would you rather ease your way into differences?  Is it frustrating to not understand a word from the person in front of you, or do you consider it a challenge or opportunity?  

The questions to ask yourself give you the answers immediately.  Then you just have to create the action plan!


Do you have a place you have always dreamed of going to?  Have you ever watched a TV show or movie just for the scenery?  Like watching Hawaii 5-O for the beautiful beaches (and maybe less about the crime!).

Or did you read a book when you were younger and start to fantasize about how it would be to travel to that faraway place?

Traveling to these places seems so much more accessible these days than years ago when one started out with a map and a travel handbook.  If you are not sure what that is, you can Google it!

Many things could attract you to a certain destination, your history of where your family came from, experiencing a new culture, hearing a different language, eating different kinds of delicious food.  

Whatever drives your desire to go to a certain place is one of the best reasons to choose that place!

Type of Travel

Next to help decide where you will travel to, or even move to, depends on the kind of travel you enjoy.  Would you like to do something adventurous or more relaxing?  Are you into exploring the Amazon jungle on a boat, or would you rather stay in the historical district of a city?

Of course, you can do both in one trip, but these are the questions that you need to ask yourself.  Many tours have a variety of activities so you can get a taste of different areas of a country or countries.  

While there are great museums to explore, nature could be your driving force.  Here are 13 Types of Tourism to look at. Let your personal preference decide!


Languages.  According to NYC.gov there are over 200 languages spoken in New York City.  Talk about diversity.  But when deciding to travel to a different country, take into account whether you feel comfortable with your language possibly being a second or third language, if that, for where you are traveling to.  

Sometimes people would like to start traveling abroad to where there is no language barrier.  That barrier is less than years ago, as there are many translation apps that can help out.  

Knowing the basics of the language of where you are traveling to is not only part of survival but also shows some respect for the culture where you are arriving to. Here are some helpful tips.

You shouldn’t expect everyone to speak your language in their country.  

There is so much to talk about when it comes to languages.  It is not easy to become fluent in a language since there is more involved than just words.  There is the intonation, the expressions, the jokes, the history, and the culture that goes behind it all.

Many people study languages in high school.  This helps to have some sort of base.  Although if you ask many people, they may not remember much, it can come back quickly as it is a different time.  

In any form, it is necessary to be able to ask for the basics.


Are you a foodie?  Do you have a certain food you eat whenever you can go to a different restaurant?  If you love food, this can be a great inspiration!

Or, if the food does not motivate you, no worries!  In many countries, you can find something similar and fast food chains you are accustomed to.

Do you have dietary needs?  This is something to take into account when planning too.  Will you have access to what you need when you go to a certain place?  Do you need to bring supplements or some food with you?  If necessary you can also consult your doctor.


Money, money, money.  How do you want to travel?  Are you one that enjoys the luxuries in life no matter where you go?  Or do you think that part of the journey means roughing it?  

No matter your destination, you can go on different budget levels.  You may want to go to an island in the Caribbean and stay at an all-inclusive resort.  But on a budget, you can still go to that island and stay at a hostel or Airbnb.  

You can modify plans from plane tickets to hotels to activities according to your budget.  So many options, apps, and websites give you a plentitude of possibilities.


Do you have a neighbor or someone in your family that just came back from a spectacular trip and can’t stop talking about it?  These types of recommendations are so valuable.  Having a reference from someone’s personal experience can save a lot of time and research.  

Of course, it is best to tailor your trip according to your preferences, but at least recommendations from people you know and trust give you more of an idea of your expectations.

Documents Needed

To enter a different country, besides your passport, sometimes you need paperwork.  That could be a visa or health certificate.  

It is important to check the entry requirements of the specific country you are traveling to see if you need anything.  Many countries allow you to enter with a tourist visa, and you receive that when you arrive.  However, other countries require you to apply for a tourist visa ahead of time.  

You can check the government websites for the country you are entering for the requirements.


There are so many debates worldwide about where you are safe.  Many feel in their own neighborhood or city that they are not safe, so they compare that to another country.  

It could be comparing apples and oranges, though.  There are different types of crime in different countries.  Unfortunately, crime is on the rise everywhere.

This is an important point to consider when deciding where to travel.   Maybe one of the most important considerations these days.  In some countries, express kidnapping is on the rise.  Or you know you should never walk outside with your cell phone in your hand.

There are some countries where you can leave your computer at the coffee shop and come back, and it will still be there.  

A country’s history often comes into play in the value of life and things.   Some countries have laws on weapons.  

Do your research.  You can’t sugarcoat it, but you can be smart and make wise decisions.  Travel to where you feel you won’t be so concerned about your safety.  Touristy cities are different from small villages in the country.  Don't let fear overcome or stop you, but use your street smarts to ensure for a great trip!

The Weather

Do you miss the sun in your life?  Are you counting the days when you can get on the slopes or the beach?  Pick a place where you will enjoy the weather, as that is part of the experience!  Although you can have a great time in any weather, tours or areas will sometimes be open only at certain times of the year.  

Check the season when you will arrive so you can plan and pack accordingly.

Types of Transportation

How are you going to travel to get where you want to go, and then how will you travel once you are there?  The logistics don’t have to be frightening, as you are not the first to have traveled there for sure!  

Again, look for reviews of trips, recommendations, maps, distances, and kinds of roads (paved, windy, season of landslides, etc.)   Once you are on your trip, you will get lots of suggestions and advice along the way.  If you don’t have every detail planned out, you can figure it out along the way. But it good to have the general knowledge ahead of time.

Time Needed

If you have two weeks of vacation, but it will take you a few days to get there and back with connections and layovers, is that okay for you?  Distance can play a part if you are tied for time, but planning in advance should give you the leeway you need.

Some say the best part of a trip is planning it.  It is definitely part of the journey!  There are so many options of where to go, what to do there, how long to go for, and how much to spend while there that your configuration of what you want is a dream and freedom at the same time.  

Take action!

You may not know where to start, but you just have to start somewhere.  After that, you get experience and more ideas to get you inspired.  Enjoy!

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